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Boolean values - GeoGebra Οδηγίες χρήσης

Boolean values - GeoGebra Οδηγίες χρήσης  ή , και , AND, OR και άλλες εκφράσεις. Boolean values Jump to: navigation , search GeoGebra Objects Geometric Objects General Objects Numbers and Angles Complex Numbers Boolean values Lists Matrices Texts Images Action Objects Object Properties Free, Dependent and Auxiliary Objects Naming Objects Labels and Captions Selecting objects Change Values Animation Tracing Advanced Features Scripting You can use the Boolean variables true and false in GeoGebra. Just type, for example, a = true or b = false into the Input Bar and press the Enter-key. Check Box and Arrow Keys Free Boolean variables can be displayed as check boxes in the Graphics View (see tool Check Box Tool ). After selecting a Boolean variable in the Algebra View you can use the arrow keys to change the value of the Boolean variable (see Manual Animation ). N
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Domain and range of functions

Domain and range of functions Example: f(x)=x+1, if x<0 f(x)=x+2, if x>=1 The domain of f is: "x<0 or x>=1" The range of f is: "y<1 or y>=2" What is the simplest way to draw the domain (on x-axis) and range (on y-axis)? Command if(-inf<f(x)<inf,0) seems to work always, on all functions (domain on x-axis). But command (for range on y-axis), f(t)*(0,1) At first it seems to work fine (after changing the values of t, if necessary). But later it will create error messages on some situations. After these erros, command a:X=f(t)*(0,1) was successful. This is very strange! (By the way, here is again a letter, now X, with a special property - it cannot be replaced - it is like x, y, z and t!) Here is my main problem: Reliable and easy way to draw the set: A = { (0,y) | y=f(x) for some x }

Graphing a Restricted Domain on GeoGebra